I Became an Extra in a Horror Game Ch.01

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I’m trapped in a bizarre and inexplicable situation right now. 


“I find myself trapped within the confines of a horror visual novel game titled ‘Blood-Stained Castle.” 


This game, once riding on various trends, garnered significant popularity. 


Set in what seems like medieval times, the protagonist resides in a village shrouded in a fearsome legend. 


This legend revolves around an ancient castle nestled amidst a marsh with dense reeds to the north of the village. 


It’s said that monstrous creatures craving human blood are sealed within. 


The villagers have refrained from venturing anywhere near the castle for ages. 


Naturally, the protagonist and their friends grew up hearing the admonition, “Never approach the castle.” 


However, one day, fueled by the grand dream of becoming a knight, Friend 1 boldly exclaimed, “Why are we so afraid? Let’s go in and explore!” Thus, the game begins.


And as is often the case in such games, everyone except the protagonist meets their demise. 


The first to perish is Friend 1, a lovely and demure girl who harbored unrequited love. 


Her demise was far from ordinary; upon entering the castle, she was ensnared in a trap that fell from the ceiling. 


The translation that emerged from this was none other than [“Lily” has become “Crushed Patty”…………]. Players dubbed her “Crushed Patty Girl” or “Hamburger Patty Girl.”


Why ‘Crushed Patty’? This was due to censorship.


Originally, “Blood-Stained Castle” was an adults-only game.


However, for some inexplicable reason or perhaps due to certain regulations, even the most mundane or gruesome words were replaced with ‘crushed’ in a version tailored for ages 12 and above.


Even the most absurd elements were subject to this “crushing” treatment, which ironically contributed to its fame, making the 12+ version more popular than the 19+ version.

I had chosen the 12+ rating because I’m a bit of a coward, you see.


Returning to the point, after playing through the entirety of this game, I cursed vehemently, unable to forgive such a ridiculous ending, only to find myself inexplicably possessed by that “Crushed Patty” girl.


“Wow, this is incredibly dark…”

“There’s a really nauseating smell.”


And all of this happened after I had already entered the castle.


I’m really losing it. No matter how I think about it, this is incredibly wrong.


I was merely frustrated by the ending, and suddenly I found myself as an extra doomed to be killed off. Does that make any sense?


“Are there any torches or candles around?”

“Do you think there would be? We should’ve brought a lamp. Should I go get one?”

“It’s too far to go all the way back to the village. We’ll get used to it soon enough.”


Amidst this, Lily’s friends fearlessly wandered around the inside, while I, knowing that all characters, sooner or later, would meet their demise, swallowed my tears alone.


Some games offer multiple endings depending on the protagonist’s choices, which means everyone could potentially survive together.


But “Blood-Stained Castle” was a game devoid of dreams, hopes, or futures.


Because, you see, the protagonist happened to be none other than the villain.


“What are you looking at like that, Ruin? Is there something strange?”

Curious and nosy… No, my friend Zen approached Ruin.


And Ruin, the protagonist and villain of this game, smiled kindly and shook his head.


“No, nothing. It would’ve been interesting if there was something though, don’t you think?”

“Yeah, you’re right. But even if it looks like it, they did say not to go inside, didn’t they? It’s dangerous.”



As Ruin trailed off vaguely, Zen brushed it off and seamlessly rejoined the other extras.


Nervous Marianne shivered as she spoke.


“Let’s just look around and get out of here quickly, guys. Something about this place gives me the creeps…”

“We’ve come this far, why leave already? We should explore further inside.”

“But it feels eerie. Didn’t they say it’s been abandoned for centuries?”

“Maybe there are hidden rooms or treasures!”


The conversation felt familiar.


My heart raced as the game’s prologue unfolded before my eyes.


Of course, I wasn’t expecting anything. After all, Lily’s death is looming.


“But it seems like Marian and Lars were about to leave each other…!”


But as soon as the two tried to leave, the door slammed shut with a loud noise, and Lily dies.


Which means, I die.


I’ll be turned into minced meat.




Oh no! This can’t be happening! It’s not just any death; it’s my future!


This can’t happen. I need to slip away, even if it’s just by myself, before that.


While Ruin’s attention was elsewhere, I pretended to look around and stealthily approached the door.


But as I stood next to the door, someone suddenly grabbed my shoulder.





Moments ago, Ruin, who had been in front of me, appeared behind me suddenly. Even through his clothes, I could feel his cold hands like icicles, and for a moment, I almost screamed in terror. I willed my pounding heart to calm down as I slowly turned around.


Even in the darkness, his silver hair and crimson eyes shone brilliantly. The game illustrations were decent, but seeing Ruin in person, he was so handsome it was almost terrifying.


In truth, Lily and Ruin never exchanged words in the game.


Or rather, they never had the time to exchange words. Lily died right away.


Even though I’m just an extra, there are differences in personality and speech, so I hesitated on how to respond, and something appeared before me.



▶Ruin spoke. How will you respond?

  1. “Yes, Ruin. What’s up?” (Smiling affectionately)
  2. “W-why did you suddenly call me like that?!” (Angry)
  3. “Don’t touch me so casually.” (Serious)



This is bewildering. Since when were there such detailed choices in this game?


All I’ve seen were binary choices like [do it/don’t do it] or [yes/no]. But now, there’s dialogue reminiscent of dialogue from a dating simulation game.


“This is madness…?”


Cold sweat trickled down my spine.


If I were to just consider the choices, I believe option 1 to be the safest.


But would I really be able to smile right now? I can’t exactly get angry or be serious either, so I just kept my mouth shut.


Suddenly, the content of the window changed.



If you don’t respond, you die.

  1. “Yes, Ruin. What’s up?” (Smiling affectionately)
  2. “W-why did you suddenly call me like that?!” (Terrified)
  3. “Don’t touch me so casually.” (Serious)



It felt as though my heart plummeted into my stomach.


The text turned red, resembling flowing blood, and the addition of ‘you die’ intensified the urgency within me.


“Uh, yes, Ruin. What’s up?”


As I desperately forced the words out, a smile appeared on Ruin’s previously expressionless face.


“Since it’s dangerous to be alone, let’s stay together.”


Hearing such words from the most dangerous person here threatened to bring tears to my eyes.

I didn’t say anything, but Ruin grabbed my hand and led me inside.


“Dammit. The exit was right there!”


I desired to push him away and flee, yet his grip remained unyielding.


As tears filled my eyes, we walked on, drawing the attention of the others who were chatting and strolling together.


Two of them, in particular, seemed uneasy.


One was my brave and adventurous friend, Siege, who was unlike me, the coward. The other was my friend, Jen, who had just spoken to Ruin earlier.


“Come to think of it, Jen also had a crush on Lily in secret, didn’t he…?


Lily is described as beautiful. Despite being an extra who dies at the start, she’s frequently mentioned.


But I’m not happy about it at all. What’s the point of being pretty in a horror game?


Siege, oblivious to the fact that this is his own grave, blushed and stammered.


“Y-you guys. Why are you holding hands?”

“Ah, Lily was alone so I was worried. It’s nothing, don’t worry.”

“You’re turning red, Siege.”

“S-stop it!”


Despite the game’s setting suggesting a one-sided love, there’s no attempt to conceal it.


When Ruin let go of my hand, Siege crossed his arms with a huff and puff.


With his blonde hair and blue eyes, Siege was quite handsome, but being good-looking in a horror game doesn’t help much.


Interestingly, the one who survives the longest here is Siege.


Ruin spared him deliberately, solely to inflict despair upon him.

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