I Became the Youngest Disciple of Mount Hua Sect Ch.02

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Chapter 2: Reciting Taoist Scriptures to the Child


In such tranquility, clarity arises, and as tranquility gradually aligns with the true Tao, it is called enlightenment. Naming the one who has already entered this path is called ‘deokdo.’ A person who comprehends this can widely convey the teachings of the adult Tao.”


Listening to the gentle recitation, Biyeon sighed—no, yawned. The soft cushion didn’t support his back well, sparking a desire to roll around.


Has it been around five months since this body was born? At this stage, flipping and turning were possible if I had the will. However, hunger now prevented any desire to move.


Instead of physical training, Sect Leader was guiding me through mental training by reciting Taoist scriptures.


Reading scriptures to an infant? What’s this about?


“The true, unchanging Tao is something one can only attain through personal realization. Do you understand, Biyeon? This passage represents the essence of the Tao.”


I don’t know, I’m just hungry right now.


It seems like it’s almost mealtime. However, crying for food goes against the dignity of the remaining intellect within me.


Still struggling with my undeveloped speech, Sect Leader laughed without understanding my feelings.


“The path of the Mount Hua Sect is also like this. I’m looking forward to the day when you wield the sword. If you wish to bloom like a plum blossom, you must keep in mind what I’ve said.”


Telling this to an infant who hasn’t even passed through the crawling stage is like expecting him to forget everything after a nap. Come on, read my mind, I’m a Taoist.


And, personally, I prefer the Wudang Sect over the Mount Hua Sect. I wanted to learn the Yin Yang Sword Formation and the Taiji Sword Formation, but alas.


Isn’t it cool? Handling two different inner energies and the unbroken pattern of the Taiji sword technique.


Maybe it’s because the protagonist of the first martial arts novel I read was from the Wudang Sect. Usually, your favorite sect is decided by the first martial arts novel you read.


In that novel, the Mount Hua Sect was portrayed as the lazy Mount Hua, opposing the pure Taoist masters, representing the gathering of worldly, secular Taoists.


So, for a long time, the Mount Hua Sect in my heart was a lazy Mount Hua.


In this world, however, the Mount Hua seems different. Looking at the luxurious fabric surrounding my body, it doesn’t seem like they lack money.


Trying to flip over with all my might, I abruptly stopped when my movements were interrupted by hunger rushing in like madness.


“This time, let’s read the Book of Ethics. Books are the nourishment for the mind, so it’s essential to develop a habit of being close to books from a young age.”


Hey, old man. No matter how much you say that books are the nourishment for the mind, people really collapse if they don’t eat proper nourishment.


It won’t work. Even if I’m a rational being, I’m hungry, so let me cry for now.


Inhaling deeply to let out a thunderous cry, the door opened as if someone understood my feelings, and a very familiar figure entered.


Having seen him for a week, I recognized his face. He was the man who picked me up in front of the Mount Hua Sect. Was his name Uiyeon?


For some reason, he became my dedicated caregiver since he picked me up. Balancing training and taking care of a baby must be challenging, yet he always treated me with a gentle smile.


Food! I want food! Waving my arms while lying down, Uiyeon gently picked me up.


“Biyeon, are you hungry?”


Instead of answering the affectionate question, I exhaled with a sigh. I didn’t have the strength to nod my head because I was hungry.


Uiyeon, after a courteous greeting to Sect Leader, opened the sliding door of my room right next to Sect Leader’s room.


Smelling the food, a whimper escaped involuntarily because I was hungry.




Today’s meal was a simple baby food with finely seasoned meat.


I eagerly accepted the spoonful Uiyeon offered, struggling to swallow the baby food.


The food I couldn’t manage to swallow ended up dribbling down my chin.


Not fond of the sensation, I sputtered, prompting Uiyeon to quickly wipe my chin with a soft cloth.


Observing this meticulous care, I felt relieved, grateful that I wouldn’t face the neglect of my past life.


Though I have no memory of this baby stage, my clearest childhood recollection from my past life was a lonely kindergarten picnic day.


Unlike other kids with lovingly packed lunchboxes, I arrived empty-handed, squeezing onto friends’ picnic blankets to scavenge for rice and stir-fried dishes.


We had talked about the picnic for a week, so why hadn’t our parents prepared anything for us? It left me curious and saddened.


They could have at least bought a roll of gimbap from the kiosk.


My parents neglected me from infancy to when my head grew big, so even during the hands-on baby stage, I doubt they took good care of me.


Hence, the overflowing affection directed solely at me now feels awkward and unfamiliar.


Oh no, I’m reminiscing about the past again.


Feeling stickiness on my chin, I furrowed my brow. Uiyeon burst into laughter, wiping my chin again with a careful touch.


He maintained his smile on my soft skin and grinned widely.


Meeting my eyes with a smile, Uiyeon, too, smiled with his eyes. Oh, a smile that radiates light. The epitome of the affectionate and handsome category!


After swiftly finishing a bowl of baby food, Uiyeon wiped my mouth with a cloth and lifted me, patting my back gently.


“Little one, how about taking a nap now?”


Placing me on a soft fabric bed on the cushion, Uiyeon covered me with a light, soft cloth.


In the rhythmic patting of my body, I yawned long.


Closing my eyes slightly, Uiyeon, who had been quietly watching over me, rose quietly, holding his breath.


But all his efforts were in vain when the door creaked open, and a loud shout echoed.


“Uiyeon, it’s training time!”


I opened my eyes wide, and Uiyeon sat down in surprise.


He patted me again and chewed his lower lip before standing up cautiously and gently patting my back.


“Uigang, it’s almost time for Biyeon’s nap.”


“No, I didn’t know it was nap time….”


“Now you know. This time is Biyeon’s nap time, no matter what.”


Turning my head slightly, I saw a familiar figure scratching his head awkwardly.


One of those people who show interest in me and often give me a hard time.


When our eyes met, the figure, who seemed to smile awkwardly, spoke with a rough voice.


“Oh, our Biyeon. Did you wake up because of this big guy?”


“For a kid who doesn’t even have a master yet, what’s with the big guy…?”


“If Biyeon becomes my disciple, naturally, I’m Biyeon’s big guy.”


“Senior Brother, it’s not something to decide now. It’s a matter Biyeon can decide when he grows up.”


“Sure, sure, got it. Anyway, it’s a big deal. We need to go to the training ground right away, but the kid woke up because of me.”


Helplessly patting me and tapping the guy standing in front of the door, Uiyeon explained.


“Uigang, Biyeon just woke up.”


“No, I didn’t know it was nap time….”


“Now you know. It’s Biyeon’s nap time, no exceptions.”


I turned my head slightly, spotting a familiar figure awkwardly scratching his head – one of those individuals who always adds an interesting twist to things.


As our eyes met, the figure, who appeared to be forcing a smile, spoke with a rough voice.


“Oh, our Biyeon. Did you wake up because of this big guy?”


“For a kid without a master, why call me a big guy…?”


“If Biyeon becomes my disciple, naturally, I’ll be Biyeon’s big brother.”


“Senior Brother, it’s not something to decide now. Biyeon can make that choice when he grows up.”


“Sure, sure, got it. Anyway, it’s a big deal. We need to head to the training ground right away, but the kid woke up because of me.”


Pretending to be asleep again, I closed my eyes, heaving a sigh of relief. It’s a vibe. I’ll just maintain the good baby act.


Uiyeon, sighing in relief, gently stroked my head and quietly left the room.


Once the door closed, I lifted my eyelids involuntarily, blinking my eyes with a clear consciousness




Darn it, I’m completely awake now.


Adjusting my body, I executed a neat bridge position, a casual maneuver to open the slightly ajar sliding door enough for my mini self to slip through.


Crawling down the porch and navigating the stone steps, I landed safely in the pebble-free yard.


Feeling the dirt with my hands, I pondered my week-long confinement within the Mount Hua Sect.


My living space had been limited to the Sect Leader’s room and mine. The only outdoor venture was Uiyeon carrying me a few steps for sunlight in the courtyard.


I figured the training ground was somewhere in a certain direction. The Earth is round, so crawling forward should take me somewhere, right?


As my palms covered by sleeves and knees wrapped in cloth touched the dirt, before I could leave the yard, my head bumped into someone’s leg.


“Oh, what the!”


Startled, I lifted my head to see a boy slightly older than Uiyeon, on the verge of youth and adulthood, with a mischievous touch to his sharply raised eye corners.


Blinking my eyes, I was lifted by the man with one hand, and when our eyes met, he asked, “Hey, little one! How on earth did you get out here? Did someone dump you on the dirt and leave?”


If the master says it’s training time, why are you wandering around alone? Playing hide-and-seek?


My failed escapade made my expression naturally turn sulky.


“…Don’t tell me you came out alone.”


Squinting his eyes and scanning the surroundings, the man, slightly older than Uiyeon, sighed after seeing the challenging steps I had overcome.


He sighed while muttering, and I, still in his arms, instinctively shifted toward my room.




“Ugh! Why does this little thing have so much strength?”


Annoyed, the man yanked my ponytail forcefully, emitting grunting noises. After detaching my hand gently, he asked, “So, you don’t want to go inside?”


When I shook my head reluctantly, the man, scratching his cheeks, stopped in his tracks and asked, “Don’t tell me you wanted to see your Senior brothers so badly that you crawled out alone?”




As if to say, “I don’t know,” I let out a whimper. The man, trying to interpret that, asked again, “Should I take you to see Uiyeon’s execution?”


After nodding my head, the man effortlessly adjusted me and headed toward my room.


“Ah, geez!”


Grumbling with frustration, he tightly grabbed my ponytail and pulled it.

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