I Became the Youngest Disciple of Mount Hua Sect Ch.03

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Chapter 3: Can I be Sent to the Wudang Sect?

“Euisung, you rascal! Late again!”

As soon as we reached the drill ground, a sharp scolding hit me like a bolt of lightning, making me jump involuntarily.

“Master, please don’t yell like that when I have something important to say.

Euisung grabbed me firmly with both hands and lifted me slightly off the ground, like a monkey lifting a lion cub in The Lion King.

All eyes turned to me.

Feeling like I should at least do some fan service, I waved my dusty hands, and groans of understanding echoed from all around.

“Biyeon! No, you definitely slept in, didn’t you?”

Seeing my confused expression, Euisung calmly reassured me.

The one who had just scolded me apologized in a softer tone.

“Biyeon, I’m sorry. Did I scare you with my yelling?”

He was Dobul, my senior disciple and training supervisor. Whenever I came to the training grounds with Euisung, he was responsible for holding me during the training sessions.

When he bent down to meet my eyes, his gaze was warm.

But when he lifted his head and saw his disciple Euisung, Dobul’s face became fierce, as if he had been possessed by a demon.

“You are late and you bring the sleeping Biyeon here? Did you think you wouldn’t be scolded because of her?”

“Sleeping? What sleeping? If I hadn’t been late today, it could have been a big problem. Besides, what if the child crawled out into the yard and no one noticed?”

Seeing my knees and sleeves covered in dirt, Euisung, who had just noticed, gasped and took me away from Euisung.

“Biyeon, did you really come out of your room alone?”

He laughed when our eyes met. Sorry, but what can I do when I can’t sleep?

“We can’t take our eyes off the kids, can we?”

“If Senior Euikang had been careful, this wouldn’t have happened.”

“Yes, I’m the culprit, I am.”

After scolding me lightly, Dobul cleaned my knees and sleeves and then handed me back to Euisung.

Euisung gave me a familiar hug.

The chair carriers tried to get our attention with phrases like “peekaboo!” or “look over here~,” but Dobul shooed them away and told them to practice instead.

Ah, saying “look over here” in a loud voice. It’s almost scary enough to appear in dreams.

I settled quietly into Dobul’s arms and watched the training. The chair carriers were wielding swords in various styles.

I squinted my eyes and admired the plum blossoms that bloomed freely on the tips of some of the swords.

Indeed, the Wudang Sect’s Tai Chi sword is more impressive than the Plum Blossom Technique…

If they don’t want to reincarnate me as the youngest daughter of the grandmaster of the Wudang Sect, they might as well send me to the Wudang Sect, ugh!

My gaze, which had been watching the training of the third-generation disciples, lingered on Euisung, who had brought me here. He looked bored as he lazily swung his sword through the air.

Seeing him, I couldn’t help but roll my eyes inwardly.

He’s been a troublemaker since the days of tag.

Enjoying the warm sun, I soon felt sleep creeping up on me.

With a small yawn and a murmur, Dobul gently stroked my back.

Feeling his touch, I nodded into a deep sleep.

After I announced that I would join the Wudang Clan as a teenager, I dreamed of all the elders fainting in disbelief.


Since my little escapade, I had no choice but to take long naps in Elder Youngam’s office. The slightest movement toward the door would result in a disapproving sound, so I gave up trying to sneak out.

From the very beginning, it’s impossible for a baby who hasn’t even passed the crawling stage to avoid the eyes of a martial arts expert like the one from Mount Hua Sect.

As time went on, baby food became more and more varied. As he ate the fantastic baby food made of vegetables, meat, and rice, Hyesik smiled while clenching his fists.

Hyesik, who had been massaging my back and stretching me, urged me as I fought against the onset of sleepiness.

“Biyeon, shall we go to Oknyeoji tomorrow?”

Oknyeoji? I’m not sure where that is, but it sounds like a must-visit tourist spot on the filial piety tour package.

It feels like there should be a sign in front of a pond that says ‘legendary pond where fairies bathe’ in four languages, including Gothic.

“Since you are the heir of Mount Hua, we should visit Oknyeoji at least once. The scenery there is truly artistic. I was completely mesmerized the first time I went there!”

Seeing my indifferent expression, Uigang, who was standing next to me, exaggeratedly supported him. But I wasn’t particularly excited.

Hmm, it’s just another lake. Water, trees, the same.

The next day, since only Hyesik was allowed to skip practice, the two of us went to Oknyeoji.

A warm spring breeze was blowing gently. It was the perfect weather for a walk.

I felt good in my silk clothes that rustled every time I moved my arms.

“Hey, Biyeon, are you wearing fancy clothes?”


They reacted with unusual enthusiasm, and my heart couldn’t help but flutter.

It is nice to have a consistent reaction!

As a large sect, Mount Hua had many disciples, so as the youngest in Mount Hua, a lot of attention was focused on me.

I responded to those who greeted me one by one and looked outside. I said that I lived near the top of Yunhwabong on Mount Hua in the Upper Palace. Hyesik, who came out after opening the gate there, easily climbed the steep stone stairs.

When we reached the top of the stairs, the strong scent of plum blossoms tickled my nose.

“Here we are, Oknyeoji.”

As Hyesik moved his hand away from my eyes, the full view came into view.


Everywhere my eyes landed, there were plum blossoms.

The pale pink reminiscent of spring, the pure white of winter’s snow, and the blood red that catches your eye. Plum blossoms of various colors bloomed vividly.

After admiring the plum blossoms that had blossomed triumphantly despite the cold winter, I noticed a pond covered with blossom branches.

The water was so clear that the bottom was clearly visible, and the center was so deep that it seemed immeasurable.

Delicate petals fell gently to the surface, creating faint ripples.

The harmony of pink and blue that filled my eyes was truly fantastic.

I was completely captivated by the heavenly scenery of Oknyeoji.

“I knew you would like it.”

Hyesik, beaming at my reaction, lightly brushed his lips against my cheek.

A breeze blew, causing flower petals to flutter onto our heads like snowfall in spring.

Excited by the shower of flowers, I stretched out my arms. I tried to catch the petals, but they weren’t as easy as I thought.

An involuntary smile spread across my face. Maybe because I’m still a baby, I sometimes lack emotional and instinctual control.

However, I matured early in my past life due to external forces, so maybe I can enjoy being a child for a while this time?

As I playfully waved my arms, Euihyun caught a falling pink flower petal and placed it on my palm. Gripping the petal tightly, I waved my arms in excitement.

Suddenly, a booming voice shattered the peaceful atmosphere. “Senior Euihyun! Senior Moojin is looking for you!”

What? I’ve only had this breathtaking scene in front of my eyes for five minutes, and now I have to go back?


I protested with flailing arms, not wanting to leave this place. If you’re going, leave me here! I can explore enough on my own!

Letting out a sigh of frustration, Euihyun called out to someone nearby. “Euisung.”

Wasn’t Euihyun the troublemaker who accompanied me to the training grounds before? Playing games again? Such a handful.

Without an immediate reply, Euihyun added, “I know what you’re up to.


A tongue click from above signaled Han Inyeong’s descent from the tree trunk. The petals fluttered down again.

“While you’re fooling around, why don’t you let Biyeon enjoy Oknyeoji to her heart’s content?”

“Seriously, don’t you know what ‘goofing off’ means? Taking care of a child is not goofing off at all.”

Scratching his head, the priest replied wittily, prompting Euihyun to make a subtle threat.

“Oh, really? Should I tell Elder Sohuk that you skipped today’s martial arts training?”

Euihyun grumbled and reluctantly handed it to me. “Give it to me.”

“Be polite in front of the child.”


Before handing me over to Euisung, Euihyun looked at me and asked, “Biyeon, can I leave for a while?”

Instead of speaking, I waved my hand to indicate that it was okay. Go ahead, I’m going to enjoy Oknyeoji here.

Even if you don’t want to, you’ll go anyway. Or take me back to the palace.

“Don’t take your eyes off her, and don’t just leave her on the ground,” Euihyun instructed.

“Ugh, don’t worry so much. Just go.”

With a reassuring smile, Euihyun handed me over to Euisung, who descended the stairs with the third-generation disciple who had come to pick him up.

Only Euihyun and I remained at Oknyeoji.

As soon as Euihyun left, Euisung gently laid me down on the soft petal-covered ground and sat in front of me in a teaching position.

“Overprotection is a problem. Even babies at this age should learn to crawl on their own. The foundation of martial arts starts with the legs. Let’s start training.”

Seriously, this guy thinks I’m a newborn baby? And you think I want to be held like a baby? Your baby holding position is so uncomfortable.

If I could talk, I would have complained to Euihyun about this ordeal. What a missed opportunity.

Did you forget that I crawled out of the room by myself?

With an annoyed look, I tried to stand up, but Euihyun squeezed my chubby cheeks with both hands.

“Play here, just here. Don’t go near the water.”

I ignored Euisung’s warning and eagerly reached for the clear water, only to be lifted up by his firm grip on my clothes.

With our faces inches apart, Euisung was smiling but had a stern look in his eyes as he said, “Little one, didn’t I tell you not to go near the water?”

I glared at Euisung with a pouty mouth. Have you ever seen a child who listens obediently?

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