I’m the Dying Emperor’s Doctor Ch.04

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Chapter 4:
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As she expected, the room was pitch black. It was also difficult to tell whether it was day or night because there was no susceptible space behind the blackout curtains.


Serina lit the surroundings with a portable magic tool without turning the lights on. In the bed, Ishid was sleeping soundly.


Instead of waking him up, Serena headed to the window. Then, without hesitation, she opened the blackout curtain.




The sound of the curtain opening rang loudly.




Ishid, who groaned due to the sunlight, pulled the blanket up to his head.


Then Serina opened the window wide. When she opened the window, the dust in the bedroom was washed out.


The cool morning air filled the room. Serena took a deep breath with her arms wide open.


“Yes, this is the air.”


How the hell does the emperor sleep in this murky air?


‘This is why he is being pestered.’


Serena thought of Ishid’s face and shook her head.


The fresh air made her feel better. It’s time to be joyful for a while.


“What are you doing?”


She heard a cool voice behind her. It was Ishid. Serina turned around and stared at Ishid casually.


He looked at Serina and frowned as if he had just woken up a few moments ago.


Ishid’s blonde hair glistened due to the sun. Even when he just woke up, his face looked white as snow and didn’t swell. 


His eyelashes were as vibrant as butterflies when he was blinking. Underneath it, his blue eyes were staring intently close at Serina.


With just a single glance, Serina, who woke up from a good sleep, seemed nervous. Still, she greeted him brightly.


“Good morning, Your Majesty.”




Ishid tilted his head as he looked at her, who barged in and greeted him with a good morning.


Serina approached him and held out a glass of water.


“Shall we start with a glass of water?”


“Who let her in? Didn’t I tell you all not to touch me when I am sleeping?”


Ishid took the glass of water and had a sip, and retorted. He didn’t realize that he had drunk it without a fuss, even though it was too much water for him to drink.


“The sun is in the sky, and Your Majesty doesn’t cough, so I have no choice but to come to wake you up.”


“I didn’t comply with your request to be selfish… What?”


Ishid stopped talking. It was because Serena naturally sat on his bed.


The distance between them naturally became closer. Serina handed over her cumbersome hair to one side, grabbed Ishid’s wrist with her own hands, and began to feel his pulse.


He flinched and stared at her due to the sudden contact.


Her purple hair glowed softly under the sunlight, and her golden eyes looked down indifferently.


He thought about how she entered his room this morning, yet she looked unfazed about it and had a stoic expression. On the other hand, he felt wide awake. 


“Can you stay away-…”


Thus, he tried to take Serina’s hand off him.




Serina placed her index finger on his lips. It was for a moment her soft finger made him swallow his words.


After a while, Serena smiled and said sternly.


“Kindly refrain from speaking when I am taking your pulse rate.”



Ishid didn’t understand what he had heard just then.


‘I don’t think he’s talking too much right now.’


She grinned as Ishid stared at her blankly in bewilderment.


Every time her golden eyes blinked, his bewildered feelings blinked. 


No wonder she’s so confident.


Ishid became stiff because he didn’t know her intentions behind those smiles.


‘What’s with this woman?’


He couldn’t believe that she recklessly touched him.


‘I don’t know for sure what she will do the next day.’


The touch of her fingertips on his lips felt very strange. He couldn’t retort back as her long fingers abruptly touched his lips. 


Ishid’s fingers moved away while he paused. He seemed to be in his best state again.


Ishid fiddled his lips with his other hand and made a serious expression.


He bit his lower lip and rubbed it with his hands to erase the unfamiliar feeling he felt, but it never disappeared.


Meanwhile, Serina was able to have a smooth morning examination as the emperor was much calmer than before.


Unlike Crotten’s strong influence in their blood, Ishid’s body temperature was not that high.


Usually, the kings of Crotten had a higher body temperature than the general public and were fine even if they had high temperatures because they could handle fire freely.


But Ishid was different. He was deeply influenced by the high and low temperatures.


I guessed it was because he was an unusual blue-eyed Crotten King.


‘Normal body temperature in the morning.’


Serena shook her head when the normal level appeared on the temperature-measuring instrument.


Usually, his temperature fluctuates, so he melts people’s hearts out. It is extremely low or extremely high, so an emergency situation may emerge if she doesn’t control it.


‘Before he died, his fever would boil more than 40 degrees, or his body would cool down like a corpse.’


So the key was to keep his temperature normal. Serena spoke while thinking of the emperor’s symptoms before regressing.


“Your Majesty. What time did you go to bed last night?”




“Your Majesty?”




Ishid answered belatedly and stared blankly at Serena. Somehow he felt like he was out of his mind.


“Are you not feeling well?”


“……No. More than that, can’t you just leave now if you’re already done with the examination?”


Ishid looked down at Serina bluntly. He looked like he wanted it to be over soon.


“Oh! There’s still one more thing left.”


When she answered, she hurriedly tried to reach his chest. It was to look at his Mana Core.


But this time, Ishid was quick. He snatched her wrist and asked.


“What do you think you are doing?”


His expression was almost that of ice. Serina answered back sourly.


“What do you mean? Don’t you remember our conditions?”


What’s going on with him all of a sudden?


Not letting her touch his Mana Core was the same as ever, but she didn’t intend to step down.


Serena looked at him with a grimace. After a while, Ishid frowned and spoke.


“Well, if it is for the treatment…”


“It’s for the treatment.”


“You said it is for the treatment?”


When Ishid asked her again in bewilderment, Serina answered confidently.


“Yes. Your Majesty’s Mana core is right over there.”




“I was just trying to check your Mana Core.”


Serena looked at his chest.




Ishid finally looked down at his chest. A blue tattoo was drawn near the pit of his stomach, seen through his loose inner undergarment. The sun seemed to burn it.


Those who can manipulate Mana naturally develop a unique pattern when they have awakened. 


Ishid’s mana core was on his chest side. Serina tapped on his hand and said, 

“Can I examine you now?”




“Well, then, I’ll be doing it now.”


As Serena tried to reach for his chest again, Ishid stopped her.


“Wait a minute.”



“Do you really have to touch my mana core? That’s…”


Ishid couldn’t speak; thus, he clasped his lips. Serina asked him casually.


“You don’t like it there?”




“Don’t worry. I’ll touch it carefully.”


Serina is aware that the mana core is a little more sensitive than in other places.


Insensitive people don’t feel much when touched, but some people are especially sensitive. And Emperor Ishid was part of those who were sensitive.


Serina slipped her hand away from his hand. Then, his hand fell helplessly.


He turned his eyes and clenched his teeth as if he was determined.


Moments later, she touched his mana core. The place above his hard muscles was as soft as glue.


In the past, when I touched Ishid, who was unconscious due to his stature, it was hot as if it would explode, but not at this moment.


“Let me take a look at your energy for a moment.”


Serina gave him a brief notice and then injected her mana into him. As Serena’s mana entered, Ishid’s mana core hummed.




Ishid uttered a shallow groan but covered his eyes with one hand. He clenched his teeth, his jaw protruded, and blood veins were about to stand on his neck.


‘It must be hard.’


Serena had a mana core, but she wasn’t very sensitive. So Ishid’s reaction was a little strange.


“Gee, what have you done now……?!”


“I spilled a little bit of my mana.”


“You have a Mana Core too?”


Ishid looked surprised. He looked like he had no idea about her as an awakened. Serena replied indifferently.


“Why? Is it also amazing that I have a mana core as an illegitimate child?”


“That’s not what I meant…….”


Ishid’s blue eyes shook for a moment, but he couldn’t stop blabbering. Serina answered roughly without hearing his words.


“I think you’re uncomfortable, so I’ll finish it immediately. Hang in there.”


It was at that moment she concentrated on the mana that had spilled.




Serina suddenly let out a shallow groan.

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Chapter 4