I’m the Dying Emperor’s Doctor Ch.05

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Chapter 5:
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Serina stiffened just like that. This is because blue energy swallowed her mana when it was approaching Ishid’s mana core.


‘I didn’t know it would swallow it.’


The energy was consumed quickly, as if it was metal melting in seething lava.


Serina felt agony while she was fiddling with Ishid’s chest over and over again.


‘More than that, the state of the mana core is vague…hmm.’


She wanted to check it again, but as soon as she looked at Ishid’s face, she realized he looked like he was having a hard time.


As it was inevitable, Serina decided to stop at that point. It would be up to her to research it after this. She thought that just letting her touch him this much was already great progress compared to the past. 


“I’m finally done, sire.”


Ishid’s face was flushed, as if he was nervous, but Serena calmly stated.


“Your Mana Core’s power is good, but a little unstable. Have you ever forcefully activated it in the past?”


“That-I don’t know for sure.”


Ishid took a deep breath and answered steadily. Serena was more on task.


“Think about it. If it’s this unstable, you’ve used excessive mana when you were quite young.


“I said I wasn’t sure about it. I rarely used my power when I was young.”


Ishid responded curtly and gulped down the water.


I wonder why my body felt feverish, but when Serina’s mana slipped in, my body felt hot.


It was strange. Just the act of her touching my mana core made my whole body feel nauseating.


‘I guess mana examination is the worst.’


Ishid thought so, and had miscellaneous thoughts that slipped into his mind.


“It’s done now, right?”


“Oh, yes, Your Majesty, can I come to see you every morning starting tomorrow?”


“Every morning? You’re going to do this every day?”


Ishid’s azure eyes shook. It would be insane if she groped his body like that and came back every morning.


Contrary to Ishid’s concerns, Serina was calm. She nodded and answered him as if it were natural.


“Yes, sir. It must be hard for you to wake up alone, so I’ll come again and wake you up just like today, Your Majesty.”


She had a big smile, as if something really great had happened. It was the brightest facial expression I’ve ever seen. I’ve never seen a royal physician who likes morning examinations.


‘Is she perhaps a workaholic? She looks like she enjoys work the more it increases.’


Ishid spoke with a fed-up look.


“Never mind. I’ll get up on my own…….”


However, Serina was not interested in his words and was busy speaking alone.


“Oh, and I’ll change all those blackout curtains.”


“What’s wrong with the blackout curtains?”


“I can’t differentiate day and night with these. I’ll change it to a lighter-tone curtain. Changing the atmosphere of the room also helps with your mood……”


“Do it in moderation.”


Ishid growled fiercely.




“Yes, sir, I’ll change it to a suitable curtain.”


Serina expressed her opinion honestly and stepped down.


Ishid looked at her face absurdly. His consciousness had fully woken.


* * *


As Serina left his bedroom, Anna stepped back with a surprised look on her face. It’s unusual for someone to be caught eavesdropping on what happened inside.


“A-are you done?”


Somehow, Anna’s voice trembled. Serena looked at the maid’s behavior in wonder and nodded.


“Yes, it’s over. You can go back to work now.”


“I-I see.”


Anna’s eyes shook aimlessly. Her cheeks were particularly feverish.


‘Come to think of it, the hallway is pretty cold.’


It has a lower temperature than the outdoors, probably because it is in a direction without sunlight. Serina then asked passionately.


“It’s cold when you stand here for a while, right?”


“What? Oh, yes…….”


As Anna glossed over, Serena took a scarf out of her pocket and handed it to her.


“It will be better if you wear this.”


“T-thank you very much.”


Anna was at a loss after being given the scarf.


In fact, Anna’s cheeks were red, not because it was cold. It was because of the conversation she had heard in the bedroom.


She didn’t mean to eavesdrop from the beginning. In the first place, the door was thick and hard, so she couldn’t hear very well even if she concentrated. She had to put her ears on the door’s cracks so she could barely hear it.


Anna was worried about the newly appointed physician. It was her mistake to secretly listen through the gaps in the door and see if she would cause the Emperor to become angry on her first day.


She was very unfamiliar with their conversation.


‘Do you really have to touch it directly? That’s…’


‘Did you just say that’s a bit? Don’t worry. I’ll touch it softly.”


Anna took a deep breath due to their ‘meaningful’ conversation and stepped back. She was so surprised and took a deep breath with her hand covering her mouth.


Strangely enough, the Emperor’s voice trembled. On the other hand, Serina’s voice was very calm.


The atmosphere of her domination towards the Emperor. Anna, who is usually familiar with the Emperor’s conscience, was rather suspicious about it.


“Now that I think about it, has His Majesty given Ishling to an Imperial Palace physician?”


At that moment, it suddenly occurred to her that she might have known the Emperor before she came to the Imperial Palace.


Even if that wasn’t the case, the Emperor might have become interested when he first saw her.


Anna quietly listened through the crack of the door out of curiosity, and the following words from the conversation were more or less the same, just like before.


‘……since we are done, I’ll cut it out now. Hold it in.”


Anna shakily stepped back from the door as soon as she heard Serina.


What the hell is she going to cut? What does she mean by ‘hold it in?’


A question mark has settled in Anna’s head.




But then, when Serina let out a startling moan, Anna was convinced. That must be the reason why the frail Emperor gave her a Violet Ishling.


‘I know he always had feelings for her. I’m sure it is love!’


Anna had already finished a romance novel.


Meanwhile, Serina, who didn’t know Anna’s intentions, wrote down the examination results and talked.


“Oh, once His Majesty goes to wash up later, please remove the curtains, and please change it to a curtain similar to the one in my room.”


“Yes, miss.”


A couple of curtains, huh…… There’s obviously less risk of getting caught that way than changing accessories.’


Anna nodded, thinking so in her head. Serina, who is oblivious about what’s going on, continued.


“I’m going to take your temperature every morning, so please make him take this from time to time, just in case.”


“Yes, I will, miss.”


“Oh! And the most important thing!”


Serina raised her finger as if she had just remembered. As Anna stared away, Serina said.


“Please don’t let anyone in when I examine him.”


‘The Emperor’s resistance will intensify in the future, and it will be difficult if someone comes and interferes.’


Serena smiled, thinking so. She thought it would be good to protect the patient’s image.


She thought that she would roll the Emperor around starting now.


‘Ah, she’s really passionate when it’s morning.’


Anna stared at Serena with a puzzled look on her face.


Serena’s remarks were like a wedge in Anna’s coffin. Anna’s expression changed every moment, but she said with a grim look.


“Yes, yes… Of course. It’ll be a disaster if someone gets in.”




What’s the big deal about it?


When Serina looked away, Anna answered bravely.


“I won’t let anyone in if His Majesty is with you. Trust me!”


“Oh, yes, thank you.”


Serena looked curiously at Anna’s overstretched shoulder.


‘She is especially weird today. Her shoulders are so stiff for no apparent reason……Are her shoulders not in good condition?


Serina spoke softly because she remembered Anna’s consideration before.


“If you’re sick, don’t hesitate to visit me. I know it’s hard to make as much time for you as I do for His Majesty, but…….”


“Oh, no! I’m fine!”


Anna waved back. It would be awkward if she refused it strongly.


‘That’s really weird.’


For some reason, she felt that their conversation was constantly off, but she didn’t think of it too deeply.


“Ah, is that so?”


Serina turned excitingly and bid her goodbyes.


Before she knew it, a smile was in full bloom around her mouth. It was thanks to the great success of the morning mission.


In particular, the Emperor’s dark curtain-clearing was a success.


‘We’re off to a good start.’


Serina hummed as she walked lightly through the corridor.


* * *


A perfect afternoon for a nap.


Since Ishid got up early, he finished the meeting and headed back to the bedroom to enjoy his free time.


“Oh, you are here, Your Majesty?”


Anna, who was on duty, greeted Ishid. Somehow he passed the maid, looking happy, and entered the room nonchalantly.


Then she stopped to see the room brighter than before. One thing has changed.


The blackout curtains, which always covered the bedroom, disappeared, and a light purple curtain hung on that spot.


“That is…”


Anna smiled and responded as Ishid murmured with a frown on his face.


“Oh, Miss Serina told me to change the curtains this morning.”


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Chapter 5