The Youngest Son of the Northern Grand Duke Decided to Divorce Ch.01

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The Northern Grand Duke aimed to raise a child who could succeed the title.

However, the title was merely ceremonial; what truly mattered was having a capable commander to govern the Northern territories.

Merely holding the title wouldn’t suffice to lead the Northern army, particularly when confronting monsters and barbarians.


“…Collapsed again?”

“Yes. He collapsed while pushing himself to use magic.”

With a hint of frustration, Tina Radiant, the third daughter of the Grand Duke Radiant Family, replied. Although her youngest sibling’s potential had been proven, due to his frailty, he couldn’t withstand the flow of magical energy.

Despite his efforts, she couldn’t surpass her inherent limitations.


“I’ve repeatedly advised him to take care of himself, but he just won’t listen.”

“He probably doesn’t want to stay that way. He must be thinking he needs to do something, right?”

“Even if he risks his life, who will be blamed? You can’t solve every problem through effort alone.”


Ziaire Radiant, the head of the Grand Duke Radiant Family, grimaced in exasperation.

He had hoped his youngest son, despite his hard-earned potential, wouldn’t be so frail.

From a young age, he had frequently collapsed, sometimes even shedding blood in severe cases.

Even the simple act of walking slowly now seemed miraculous.


“I understand, but I wish you’d understand a bit of Alter’s feelings.”

“Understanding won’t change anything. Your brother can’t do anything. He can’t even eat properly or exert himself. Yet, are we to leave him be?”

“Father, but he can’t just do nothing.”

“Alter must do nothing. He has no choice if he wants to preserve his life!”

” …”


Tina hesitated briefly before closing her lips.

She wanted to defend Alter’s actions, but she couldn’t deny her father’s words.

Her brother, Alter Radiant, couldn’t even sustain his own life without feeling overwhelmed.


“It’s good that he has talent in magic, but it shouldn’t be his focus. If he wants to learn, I can support him. But that shouldn’t be the case. He could die any moment, should he be fixated on magic?”

“Even though we can protect her now, he’ll have to live alone in the future. In that case, shouldn’t he learn magic?”

“That’s why he entered into a strategic marriage with the Ducal Family. Wouldn’t the capital be better? With the Ducal Family’s influence, we can get medicine or priests if needed. I’m trying to save your brother’s life!”


Ziaire raised his voice in agitation.

He hadn’t allowed his youngest son to venture outside, fearing for his well-being, even withholding him from basic training.

All he desired was to safeguard that fragile thread of life from snapping.

But since he couldn’t protect him forever, he had to find a new way.


“I understand what you’re saying. But I’m worried. That noblewoman over there…?”

“Are you trying to say she has a bad personality?”

“She’s not exceptional. Even if we overlook her activities as a knight, there are rumors about her being hot-headed.”


Tina was not pleased with her brother’s fiancée.

Despite hailing from a Ducal Family, her behavior and temperament left much to be desired.

Wouldn’t her youngest brother suffer for the rest of his life if he married that noblewoman?


“We’ve overlooked her flaws. Everyone has their shortcomings, and we silently accept them.”

“I wouldn’t say she’s lacking in status. She comes from a powerful Ducal Family. They represent one of the factions in the capital and haven’t opposed the imperial family. With that kind of influence, titles mean nothing.”

“He might not be treated well there. He could be looked down upon for his weakness.”

“Isn’t that why we entered into a strategic marriage with the Ducal Family? It’s preferable to be blunt with them than to suffer losses.”


Ziaire had already grasped the general conditions and relationships. Duke Ileana wanted to expand his influence beyond the capital, and Ziaire needed to find friendly nobles from outside.

Despite their children’s evident shortcomings, there wouldn’t be any objections even if they pursued a strategic marriage.


“It’s likely that both of you will live in the capital. It might be a bit inconvenient, but… Please take care of your brother. Explain it well to your fiancée too.”

“I was going to take care of him anyway. If he’s going to marry that noblewoman, I can’t just leave him alone.”


Tina always had her youngest brother in mind.

If only he were healthy, he would have become a great mage shaking the empire. But now, he had lost his confidence, and he could only make feeble efforts, quietly enduring his frailty.


‘ Poor Alter. He needs to get better, even if it’s just a little…’



Instinctively, he opened his eyes, but the scenery had changed. Clearly, he had momentarily wielded magic, testing his newfound powers. However, in an instant, his vision darkened, and he was seized by a sensation as if his body were twisting inwardly.


“Even with just this much magic…?”


Alter Radiant, the youngest son of the Grand Duke Radiant Family, suddenly became aware of reality once again. Initially, Alter Radiant was meant to die, leading to the dissolution of the protagonist. Yet, Alter Radiant found himself alive and moving, inhabiting his own body.


“So, the original owner of this body is already dead, and I’ve taken over instead?”


Alter roughly grasped the sequence of events and shook his head. Originally, Alter Radiant was a character briefly mentioned at the beginning of the original work. With Alter Radiant’s death, changes occurred to the protagonist, essentially serving as the condition for the story to begin.


“The important thing now isn’t the protagonist.”


Struggling, Alter rose and gripped his left chest. His heartbeat was erratic, and even his muscles were stiff. Even the slightest movement was difficult, leaving him acutely aware of his condition.


“How can I be this frail? What’s going on?”


Of course, even before implementing magic, his physical condition had deteriorated. Walking was manageable, but if he tried to run, his legs would give out immediately. Even a slight chill sent shivers down his spine, his skin feeling as though it were freezing. How could one sustain life with such a body?


“…Is it because of magic that I’m alive?”


Alter came to an understanding of the principle behind it. Normally, a body would rely on bones and muscles as a foundation to perform certain actions. But his body was so frail that his bones and muscles couldn’t function properly. Thus, it relied on vast amounts of magic to support his bones and muscles.


“It seems even such things are possible with exceptional talent.”


Alter barely got up from the bed and stood. His entire body felt like it was being pricked, yet he managed to endure it for the time being. He considered testing his magic out of curiosity, but feared he might just faint.


“With this body, I can’t do anything. Breathing is about all I can manage.”


Only then did Alter begin to contemplate his future. Given that he hadn’t died, he wouldn’t dissolve alongside the protagonist. Consequently, he would eventually be forced into marriage with the protagonist.


“I should dissolve it, but how do I convince them?”


Following a brief moment of pondering, Alter swiftly organized his thoughts. It was probable that the Northern Grand Duke would advocate for a strategic marriage for his own security and the prosperity of his lineage.


In that case, wouldn’t altering the process suffice?


“It’s better than marrying the protagonist. I don’t want to compete with those arrogant fools.”




Ziaire encountered Alter just before dinner began. Alter was already at the dining hall, and coincidentally, the eldest son and daughter were entering as well. Due to the recent incident, Ziaire couldn’t help but be cautious around Alter.


“I must have told you several times. Do not use magic. It will only hasten your fate.”

“Yes. I apologize for causing concern.”


Alter replied politely, glancing around. He had already endured endless nagging from other members of the family. It seemed Alter Radiant received a lot of attention and affection from his family.


“I have something to discuss, would now be alright?”

“It’s fine. You may speak freely.”

“I wish to dissolve the engagement.”



While the eldest son and daughter reacted immediately, Ziaire remained silent. Alter may be physically frail, but he wasn’t lacking in judgment. There must have been a reason fitting for him to mention dissolution.


“…There’s nothing good about dissolving now. You should at least reach the Ducal Family’s level to move comfortably. You’re aware of that, aren’t you?”

“I’m not saying I won’t marry. But to change the marriage partner, we must dissolve the engagement, correct?”

“Are you saying you want to marry into another noble family?”

“Yes. I believe it would be better.”


Strategic marriages among nobles were a longstanding tradition in the empire. As bloodlines couldn’t be intertwined, they had to establish connections with new noble houses each time. Hence, Alter had to marry into nobility, but he could also find a reason to avoid the protagonist.


“There’s no better match than the Ducal Family. Do you have other reasons?”

“The royal family would burden my father greatly. There would be more to worry about, and they could also be bothersome. In that regard, dealing with the Ducal Family might be easier, though it doesn’t make it any less demanding.”

“I won’t say your words are wrong. It has its own worth. Aligning with a powerful family benefits us. That’s why I chose the Ducal Family, despite the extra hassle.”


Ziaire listened seriously to Alter’s response. While there were ways to assert authority and hierarchy, he didn’t necessarily want to resort to that. Instead, he believed it was better to comprehend the reasons for the dissolution and address any misunderstandings.


“Duke Ileana is ambitious. That’s why he created factions and even bows to the royal family. If we form a connection through marriage, my father might be manipulated.”

Ziaire looked at Alter earnestly, contemplating the matter. It had been a concern even before pushing for a strategic marriage. It wasn’t solely about personal gain; they also had to consider the treatment from the other party and the future of the family.


“If I stay in the capital, the Ducal Family seems the best option. But it’s based on conditions, and there may still be discomforts.”

“Indeed, there may be inconveniences. But it might still be better than other noble families. Where else can you find a family as wealthy as the Ducal Family?”

“My father, my siblings, and I are all wealthy and living in the northern regions? We’re safeguarding the empire’s borders out of responsibility and duty, not just because we’re wealthy.”


Ziaire pondered his words for a moment before softly chuckling. Alter had persevered solely in the northern regions despite his frailty. He had only ever observed the icy storms from the window and had never once engaged in battle. However, even living with Alter’s condition like this was something to be grateful for.


“So, you wish to marry into a less prominent house?”

“As long as it’s a family my father can comfortably deal with. Wouldn’t that suffice considering I’ll be residing in the capital?”

please read at first so we can continue to update more chapters….


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